Meet the team behind Trinity Hill

A hospitality background and marketing qualifications eventually led Rebecca into the wine industry.

With over 25 years’ experience she has held roles in all areas of export, sales and marketing management, for several premium New Zealand and Australian wineries, including having been the Australian based regional manager for Australia and Asia for Villa Maria Estate, and managing export relationships in all other key markets for Australian and New Zealand wineries.

Prior to moving back to Hawke’s Bay, where she grew up, Rebecca spent 10 years managing wineries in the Hunter Valley, Coonawarra and Central Otago.  She is excited to be part of the next era for Trinity Hill, a winery she has always recognised as one of New Zealand’s icons.

Rebecca Poynter

If Rebecca was a wine, she would be a Sauvignon Blanc, because like NZ Savvy, the wine industry has taken her to many corners of the world.

Warren Gibson

Chief Winemaker
If Warren was a wine, he would be a Barolo - Ideally requiring years of aging to show its best. Great with white truffles… isn’t everything!

Warren was educated at Massey University, New Zealand, and at Roseworthy Agricultural College, South Australia. He began his winemaking career in New Zealand in 1987, subsequently travelling the world as a Flying Winemaker, including vintages in Australia, Italy, Hungary, France and California.

In 1997, Warren returned to New Zealand to take up the role of Chief Winemaker at Trinity Hill. The vintages he has produced since arriving at Trinity Hill have earned him the accolades of New Zealand Winemaker of the Year, from Winestate Magazine in 2005, and Winemaker of the Year Winemaker Award at the Mercedes Benz Hawke’s Bay Wine Show in 2006.

​​​​​Simon’s winemaking career has seen him work for wineries in Bordeaux, Gers, Oregon, Napa Valley, Chile, and Margaret River in addition to making wines in all the key winegrowing regions of New Zealand.​​​​​​​​
In his current role as an Operations Winemaker at Trinity Hill winery, Simon enjoys the challenges and vast possibilities of producing a range of varietal wines from New Zealand’s premium winegrowing region of Hawkes Bay.​​​​​​​​

“It is great to work closely with the viticulture and winemaking team to ensure our wines express their unique sense of place.”​​​​​​

Simon Fell

Operations Winemaker
If Si was a wine, he would be a Chardonnay – because he is lean and racy, but on rare occasions (Christmas and Birthdays) a little fat and flabby 😉

Alan Young

Finance Manager
If Alan was a wine, he would be anything off the Gimblett Gravels because shredding the gravel is one of his preferred styles of bike riding. Gravel is perfect for Grapes and bikes!

Alan has been working within the wine industry for 3 years and is Trinity Hill Wines Ltd Finance Manager. 

Alan has been a Chartered Accountant since 1998. He has spent time working in various industries in Wellington and London before joining the dairy industry in Manawatu working for various companies including Mainland Products, a subsidiary within the Fonterra group. He then moved onto Hawke’s Bay where he worked in senior finance roles within the packaging industry.  

Alan has vast financial experience within manufacturing businesses focusing on major business growth, cost improvement and capital projects.​​​​​​​​

Originally from South Africa, Douw immigrated to New Zealand in 2009. Douw has been with Trinity Hill since August 2016 and has worked between the winery and vineyards, completing four vintages in the winery, 2017-2020 before fully transitioning to the vineyards. Douw has completed his concurrent degree in Viticulture and Wine Science in 2019.

You may recognise Douw from the 2022 North Island Tonnellerie de Mercurey Young Winemaker of the Year competition, where Douw placed first. Douw has also recently competed in the National Young Winemaker competition and the 2022 Young Viticulturist Competition, where Douw placed second.

Douw Grobler

If Douw was a wine, he would have to be a Rosé, because they both go hand in hand with warm summer days.

Nick Bolster

Sales Manager
If Nick was a wine, he would be a Pinot Noir, well balanced and approachable, with the ability to be refined and serious when required. Easy going and adaptable, making the most of any situation. Like Nick, Pinot Noir prefers an intermediate climate and to be planted close to a large body of water.

Nick was first drawn into the world of wine during his OE in the late 90s, where he was responsible for the operation of a group of award-winning dining establishments, and where is wine lightbulb moment came over his first glass of Chablis.

Since that time Nick has built up over 20 years wine industry experience in New Zealand, working in senior sales roles with some of our leading distributors.

Nick joined the Trinity Hill team in August 2021 and leads the sales function with responsibility for strategy and execution.

He is passionate about wine and food and in his spare time he loves eating and drinking out and creating amazing meals and opening bottles at home for his family and friends.​​​​​

Lucy studied Marketing & Art History at the University of Canterbury before going on to work in Art Public Relations in New York, USA. 

After returning to New Zealand, Lucy worked in fashion marketing for fashion and lifestyle PR company, Showroom 22.

Having spent a lot of time on the other side of brand & wine partnerships, Lucy was thrilled to move in-house as the Marketing & Digital Manager at Trinity Hill in 2021 after moving to Hawke’s Bay.

Lucy Pearce

Marketing and Digital Manager
If Lucy was a wine, she would be a Chardonnay - enjoys both celebratory occasions and quiet nights at home.

Damian Fischer

If Dames was a wine, he would be a cheeky, spicy Syrah.

Sebastian Hanse

Winery Operations Manager
If Seb was a wine, he would be a Chardonnay, flinty with a hint of positive reduction!

Anna Young

Trainee Winemaker
If Anna was a wine, she would be a Riesling – a splash of sweetness with some cutting acidity!

Joy Dougan

Logistics Manager (Currently on Parental Leave)
If Joy was a wine, she would be a Tempranillo - she's an organiser and always say yes to dessert!

Brittany Turlock

Sales and Marketing Assistant.
If Brittany was a wine, she would be a Riesling, because she's super sociable, easy-going and loves summer & a great BBQ!

Chris Telford

Cellar Door Manager
If Chris was a wine, he'd be an Amarone (a rich and flavoursome Italian red wine). When young, it is full of vim and vigour reminiscent of a young priest preaching fire and brimstone. That same wine with age is like a more mature priest sitting in a leather armchair smoking a cigar with a glass of wine.

Anna Jeffries

Branding and Graphic Designer
If Anna was a wine, she would be a Port - exuding a harmonious balance between strength and sweetness, with a hint of resilience and never says no to dessert or wine.

Rachael Thomson

Sales and Administration Assistant
If Rachael was a wine, she would be a Rosé - equal parts sweetness and acidity, and loves the warmer weather of spring and summer.

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