It is said great wine is made in the vineyard, and our aim at Trinity Hill is to produce distinctive wines of elegance and power that reflect the character of each Hawke's Bay vineyard site.

Our home is Hawke’s Bay – the second-largest wine-producing region in New Zealand and is home to some of the oldest wineries still in existence. The region covers a total land area of 1.4million hectares on 350km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Four major rivers flow down from the mountains and their meandering paths have created a range of soils.

Our three estate vineyards are all with the Hawke’s Bay’s Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing Region®. 

In 2001, wine producers and winegrowers with land in this special area, formed the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowers Association in order to, collectively, promote wines from this special area to the world.

Gimblett Gravels wines are based on the ultimate designation of their district according to a tightly specified soil type. The Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing District, covering 800ha, is strictly determined by the gravelly soils laid down by the old Ngaruroro River, which was exposed after a huge flood in the 1860’s.

Discover Hawke’s Bay vineyards: the home of our wine.

125 Gimblett Vineyard, AKA “Tin Shed"

Located on Gimblett Road, this site is 10 hectares of stony soil within the Gimblett Gravels. 

At 125 Gimblett we grow Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot, Marsanne and Cabernet Sauvignon, but the majority of the vineyard is made up of Chardonnay.

This vineyard is home to both our Single Vineyard ‘125 Gimblett Chardonnay’ and is a predominant element of our Gimblett Gravels Chardonnay.  

Gimblett Stones

Our Gimblett Stones Vineyard is located behind Roy’s Hill. It is exceptionally warm and sheltered, and home to Malbec, Tannat, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, and our Cabernet Sauvignon from our very special, “Prison Block”.

The Prison Block gets its name from a three-quarter-hectare section in our Gimblett Stones vineyard originally earmarked for the Hawke’s Bay Regional Correctional Facility. The Clone 337 Cabernet Sauvignon vines now planted there produce tiny berries with intense colour, concentrated, complex flavours, ripe tannins and balanced acidity; all the hallmarks necessary to produce a wine worthy of a single vineyard release.

Gimblett Estate

Gimblett Estate is an 18 hectare block of vineyards also off Gimblett Road, and close to our 125 Gimblett site.

This vineyard is particularly stony, and home to 95% of our Syrah, as well as Tempranillo, Touriga Francesca, Viognier, Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon. It also where you will find our Port wine varieties from Portugal; Touriga Nacional and Touriga Francesca.

This vineyard is also home to some of our oldest vines, original clones that were some of the first syrah vines brought to New Zealand. 

Contract Growers

Trinity Hill aims to foster long term relationships with our contract growers outside of the Gimblett Gravels, taking only the best produce from some special sites within Hawke’s Bay, and throughout New Zealand.

The wines we produce from these sites all reflect the unique properties of the vineyard, with minimal intervention from our winemaking team. 

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